How To Use Tradingview

In This Course I will show you how to load up a chart from the beginning and how to load up Indicators and Basic Technical Analysis.

First if you have not already created an account, create one with

When visiting you will see the following.

Now what you want to do is go to the top “Search” Bar and Type “BTCUSD”

Make Sure you Select the one that says “crypto-Bybit” since you are trading with

Now after clicking on the correct one you will see the following.

Now Click on “Full-Featured Chart”

Your Screen should now look like this. At default it is white but I’ve set mine on Dark Mode.

This is where you will be doing your Technical Analysis and loading your Indicators.

First thing we are going to do is we are going to look at the top bar.

From Left to Right

“BTCUSD” This means at what chart you are looking at for example this in on BITCOINUSD also known as BTCUSD.
if you wanted to trade Ethereum Use you would click on it and type ETHUSD and then select the “crypto-bybit” one.

“1H” This means at what TimeFrame you are on. It is now Set on the 1 Hour which means Each Green or Red candle represents 1 Hour Of Data (Price movement).
You can change it To Seconds, Minutes, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, Years and it all depends on what suits your trading style.

This means “Candles” We always use the ones Looking like this they are also known for Japanese Candle Sticks and I recommend staying on here to begin with as it is the most accurate!

Now we are Going to Ignore the others as the are a bit more advanced and not needed to Begin with.
The Last One you want to be looking at is the one that says “Indicators”

If you Click on This Symbol you will see a pop up window will appear on your screen looking like this.

After Filling out our Form on or talked to an admin in our Discord you should have access to our Indicators and then you will see a Menu called Invite-Only Scripts.

Select That.

You will now see all our Indicators and you can choose one of your liking.
To Start off I would recommend using “Crodl Scalper V2”

Now Select “Crodl Scalper V2”

Now you will see on the top left there are 2 Indicators currently loaded.

When you Hover over an indicator it will give you the options to Hide or Edit Settings.

If you Click On the Eye Symbol it will Hide the Indicator and The Settings Symbol Edit the values of the indicator and the X will Remove it and you will have to load it again by using the Indicator Symbol on the Top bar.

Let’s go ahead and remove the “Vol” Indicator by clicking on the X

Now Click on the settings Symbol for “Crodl Scalper V2”
and you should see a pop up window

Now you can choose If you want to change the Inputs or the style(How It appears on the chart)

For This Example I will be changing the “Trend Average” value to “114” to make the indicator plot the buy and sell labels slower and more accurate. now select “Ok”

You will now see less flags but they are calling bigger moves which means more Profit.
when using 10 X Leverage as you learned in
You can see the % move from entry Point by looking at the label next to the candles.

The 8.3% means that from the Buy entry @ 57 531 you would now be up 8.3% so with an initial balance of $1 000 Dollars you will already be in $83 Profit.