What You Need Before You Can Start Trading.

So you decided to start your journey with Cryptocurrency. Here we will teach you everything you need to know.

First you will need to create a few Accounts in order to get started.

1.Create an account with:

2.You will need to create a Trading account. Use our links and claim bonuses as well as support us to help you further.

Now that you have Created your Trading Account and Signed Up with a charting platform you can proceed.

So If you were wondering what the difference is Between a Charting Platform and an Exchange is that the charting platform can be used to do Technical Analysis on and it can be used to Show indicators on to make Trading easier.
Don’t worry we got you covered. You can get a 30 day free trial by Joining our Discord Server and you will get access to all our Trading Tools and Indicators.

A Trading Exchange is where the Money(assets) is being Traded (You will buy for example BTC on an exchange)
Never send BTC or Money to anyone always Deposit into your own account when trading.
on the exchange you will be opening and closing trades in order to make profits.

Ones you get the hang of opening and closing trades it’s Time to Dive into more Detail to start making Trading Profitable in order to do that you will need a good Risk Management Strategy.

But you need to Understand the Basics First In Order To Open and Close Trades in Our Course https://crodl.com/course/howtousetradingview you will learn how to load up the indicators and do Technical Analysis.