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``` I've added Buy & Sell Flags - They will be used to add Longs and Shorts for the bot.``` ``` Take Profit - Currently there are 4 Hardcoded Targets and on the backtester you will see the results for all 4 separately and you can choose which target you want to set your bot to use.(all these targets are coded separately from each signal so it might happen that you will see for example target 3 have a lower result then target 4 this is because it had one less entry not because its calculated differently hope that makes sense. ``` ``` Stop Loss - There are currently 3 exits. 1 = CrodlExit which is indicator based exits. 2 = Fixed Stop loss in % you can change that in the settings Panel 3 = Flag Reversals. Longs exit on Short Flag and Short exit on Long Flag```

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This indicator will show you backtested Data on the settings used in the Inputs. It has different exit methods and it will show you the results for all targets. Currently it has 4 Take Profit Levels and 3 Exit strategies including a Fixed SL method and Smart Indicator Exit. This Indicator was designed to be used with Automation on Both Leveraged and Spot trading.