Crodl - Crodl Genesis

Crodl Genesis

Buy & Sell

This Indicator is based on many different Algorithms and uses a Trend Filter (ATR) to Decide if it should go Long or Short. From Entry you can use a Stop Loss and Take Profit. This could be used to match the settings of your trading strategy so that you can add alerts and automate it. The Flags can be adjusted in the Style Tab as well as being removed if you prefer to Trade Without a Stop Loss or Take Profit.

Additional Information

When you set your TP and Sl it is important that you keep in mind what leverage you are using so that your settings matches your strategy to get the best results. Sticking to one timeframe should also be kept in mind since candle size will different on different timeframes. That means that if you use a 1% sl on the 5 min timeframe that it might be too tight when you go to the 1H timeframe.