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Crodl's Motherlode Indicator that is also working with the Crodl Oscillator, This indicator has multiple function built in. It has 2 Algo's that you can choose from. Algo- Using the ribbon Crosses as entries and also using the Oscillator to confirm if the volume is great to plot either a long or a short flag. Algo 1 - (set by default) This algo is a bit slower and uses more confirmation to enter trades. It also uses Ribbons such as EMA's and MA's to find the trend of the current market before entering any trades.As well as using the Crodl Oscillator as confirmation to see in which direction the market is moving. Trend Detection- This indicator is using the Crodl Oscillator Indicator to filter out trades on both of the algo's on each algo it using it in a different way to give different outcomes , the inputs can be adjusted by changing the direction length , the crodl oscillator indicator can be used as a visual to see what you are changing by giving it the same value. Pull Backs- This indicator has a function to spot a Pull Back , This is still in Beta. It is using Parallel Trends to spot if the market is moving upwards or downwards and then it will wait for a spike in the market and breaking the parallel channel which will then indicate a possible reversal.(this is still being tested and will be improved in future updates) Volume Detector - You can enable a tick box that will colour the candles in an will indicate candle moves by the amount of volume

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Using a trend indicator such as Crodl Candy Mountain can be beneficial to filter out the noise and to trade with the trend. You can use the Momentum indicator on a higher timeframe and enter on lower timeframes for getting good entries with the trend.