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Crodl Algo Trader

This indicator was built for automation. With Buy & Sell alerts plus Smart Exits & Backtester

Crodl Algo A & B

Crodl Algo A Shows us the Trend , Crodl Algo B will give us Buy or Sell indications based on Crosses.

Crodl Trend Counter

This indicator will Count how many Candles are over or under the selected Moving Averages.

Crodl Oscillator

Momentum Indicator plotted as waves. Green = bullish and red = bearish

Crodl Motherlode

Buy & Sell indicator with Volume and Trend Features as well as risk management.

Crodl EZ Signals

Buy & Sell Indicator that can pull Data from Multiple Time Frames. It also comes with a Risk and Reward Panel.

Crodl Scalper V3

Buy and Sell indicator with Exits as well as a Trailing Stop Loss.

Crodl Breakout Indicator

Breakout from Support & Resistance Zones

Crodl Crypto Bot V2

This indicator will show you where to buy or sell with alerts on the SL and TP which allows automation.