Crodl - Crodl Oscillator

Crodl Oscillator

Trend Indicator

Crodl's Oscillator is using a Moving Average known as RMA similar to the ones used in an Rsi and it is plotting it based as waves. On the oscillator there are 2 dotted lines 15 - Bullish -15 - bearish As you can see the trend moving upwards and breaking the 15 this indicates that the market is strong and we could see the market continuing upwards the opposite will be if the market breaks the -15 dotted line. it can also be seen if the waves are breaking the -15 to the upside that price might be making a reversal as well if the wave is breaking the 15 from the top to the bottom this can be seen as the market losing momentum and price is now going down. This indicator as a Direction Lenght input which will change the value of the MA and this will change the waves to either be slower or more volatile. you can also set this indicator to pull data from different time frames meaning if you are trading on the 5 min chart and you want to see the data for the indicator on the 1 hour chart all you need to do is change the inputs from chart(timeframe) to the 1Hour.

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This indicator can spot a trend and you can use Crodl EZ signals for entries.