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Crodl MA

Overlaying Moving Averages Differnt Timeframes on the Top and Bottom of your Chart.

Crodl Volume Detector

Buy and Sell Volume Indicator. Shows aggresive and weak candles.

Crodl Candy Mountain

Detecting Money Flow on different Time Frames

Crodl Orca Indicator

A buy and sell indicator that uses volatility to plot exits helping to catch bigger moves.

Crodl Trend Detector

This indicator will show you if Buyers or Sellers are in control.

Crodl Strength Meter

A simple way to read the trend by looking at the momentum of the market. Red = Sellers and green = Buyers.

Crodl VPVR

Volume Profile Visible Range is a great tool to have when scalping since price goes back to POC levels a lot.

Crodl Scalper V2

This Buy and Sell indicator will show you how much it has moved as well as the % move from entry.

Crodl RSI

Relative Strength Index that will show your Support & Resistance Areas as well as Divergence.