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Crodl Algo B is Used with Crodl Algo A. This indicator has a built in RSI on the top wich can be used to spot overbought and oversold areas. 70+ is overbought and 30- is oversold. The waves at the bottom is similar to Stochastics and this is great to spot trend movement and reversal. Algo B has it's own Stoch and calculations making it unique and it is using crosses and detects trend movement to plot either a Buy or a Sell x(Cross). The histogram is a Moving Average with Calculation and this will be used to Cross the Stochastic which will either give us a Buy or a Sell signal depending if the Momentum is Bullish or Bearish. Crodl Algo A, this will be the trend finder for Crodl Algo B since if it is green you will be looking for long trades . so if the trend is red avoid taking longs and if it is green avoid shorts. Then what you will do is wait for price to either be close to the 50 MA or just breaking off it. If the trend is green and price is moving off the MA to the upside and you get a green cross on Crodl Algo B then you want to enter a Long Position. if the trend is Red and price is moving off the MA to the downside and you get a Red Cross on Crodl Algo B then you want to enter a Short Position. I've tested it on the 5 min timeframe on different pairs and it went extremely well.

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Crodl A and B was built to manually trade and it can be used together or with other indicators.